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Free Agents: Diamonds in the Rough for the Titans

Some names remain on the wire who the Titans should be interested in.

Now that the first wave of free agency has passed, NFL franchises are left to pick up the pieces, adjusting for players that left their squad, and others whom they missed out on. Below are a few names hanging on the wire that the Titans ought to look into.

Damian Williams

Williams developed into a well-rounded wideout during his time in Tennessee, despite not getting too much of an opportunity to break into the starting lineup. When he did see the field, Williams showed strong hands and competitiveness for the ball, and his abilities match up well with Whisenhunt's timing passing game, especially with the versatility to play both inside and out.

With his familiarity in Tennessee as well as his strong skill-set, he should be a natural fit right back on the Titans squad. When talking value for money, you can't go too far wrong here. He's among the best wideouts available on the open market at this point.

Owen Daniels

Daniels has been a thorn in the Titans side ever since the Texans drafted him. He is a solid passing threat at this point in his career, albeit no longer in his prime. Despite this, I view him as a clear upgrade over Craig Stevens, both financially as well as on the field. He has also shown a willingness to be a big part of the run game during his time in Houston.

Having an extra set of sure hands on the field along with Delanie Walker could present some nice options for the new Titans offense, and make life easier for Jake Locker.

Anthony Spencer

Spinning over to the defensive side of the ball, Anthony Spencer remains unsigned, largely due to his lack of snaps in 2013 through injury. He has made visits to the Giants as a potential replacement for Justin Tuck so it's clear that teams are interested.

It might be a good plan for the Titans, who are still really lacking an open ended pass rusher at this point, to bring Spencer into the fold. The ex-Cowboy has a solid resume of production, with the athleticism needed to operate the Jack in Horton's defensive scheme. If the pass rusher could even come close to his 2012 production (95 tackles, 11 sacks in the 3-4), the Titans would be in a nice position with their front seven.

Shaun Phillips

Phillips is another option to shore up the Titans defensive weaknesses. Already considered "on the Titan's radar", Phillips would be a perfect complement for Wesley Woodyard and the rest of the Titan backers, with experience in the 3-4 OLB spot, and the flexibility to provide an immediate boost to both the pass rushing element and their ability to stop the run.

Phillips did a bit of everything for the Chargers, and with the Broncos last season, and has a great resume to consider. He is a no-brainer for the Titans at this point, and would add some needed experience in the transition to Ray Horton's new scheme.