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Between The Posts: Progress

Your nightly OT open thread!

The Titans' interest in Mark Sanchez was the news of the day, that apparently never was. I don't expect him to come anywhere near Nashville, and for good reason. A transcript of a radio show in which Ken Whisenhunt was a guest was interesting for a number of reasons, most of them concerning Jake Locker, and his thoughts on the young QB. Sounds like the FO is ready to roll with Jake, and they will need to finish putting the talent around him this season (maybe a running game, for starters?)

Hopefully the new rule voted in by the NFL Owners today will lessen the frequency of missed calls. I personally applaud the change, as I think the officials have the responsibility to get it right every time (as unrealistic as that is). As long as changes don't slow down the game too much, you have to be happy with the arrival of some increased accountability.


On a side note, I thought this was kind of crazy. Good on her...