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Tennessee Titans News Links: Reclaiming One of Our Own

Your daily serving of Titans Linkage!

Paul Kuharsky says the Titans need Damian Williams. Personally I am not inclined to disagree. However, this draft is very deep with talented WRs, so we should not need to overspend, not that it would be an issue.

Since we spent so much money last year, we will receive no compensatory draft picks which is to be expected.

Here's the official list of the Titans draft picks after the compensatory picks have been awarded. We will just have 6 picks.

The Ravens and Jets each received 4 compensatory picks, so theres that.

Quote of the Day: Enjoy Jimmy Fallon's Downton Sixby and Joking Bad. Both are hilarious, so enjoy.

UPDATE: Lets see if this works or not. Sorry about the malfunctions earlier, I know TennesseeTyrants really enjoyed the links. But for the sake of everyone else, I'm fixing it.