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Between The Posts: Speculations

Your nightly OT open thread!

I have been on a brief hiatus today on a rare day off work, but I am still around to deliver the evening open thread, along with a few interesting nuggets from around the league.

Not much activity beyond the realms of speculation today. Terelle Pryor apparently wants out of Oakland after the team acquired Matt Schuab to be their starter, and can you blame him?

The 49ers Head Coach, Jim Harbaugh, made statements today regarding the team's goals to get a new deal put together for QB, Colin Kaepernick. While "Kaep" has displayed some impressive athleticism, he is still a limited QB in my eyes, and he has had the benefit of playing opposite an incredible defense during his stint as the starter in San Fran. I smell a huge overspend on the horizon...

Speaking of Harbaughs, the Ravens ownership today insisted that Ray Rice has a future on the team despite his arrest (and his terrible performance last year). After watching that video earlier this off-season, I wouldn't be so sure.

Another day, another afternoon of people crowding around twitter to get the latest on the hypothetical DeSean Jackson trade. I wouldn't hold your breathe ladies and gents.

That's all for this evening. As always I leave the thread open for you guys to take it where you will.