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Tennessee Titans News Links: Converting

Your daily serving of Titans linkage!

Congrats to all the Vols fans here on making the Sweet Sixteen in the NCAA Tournament. You all have Stokes, a 6-8 260 pound forward who would like to make the transition to football next fall and keep playing basketball. I think he could have a future as a TE for sure. At 6'8, he'd be a matchup nightmare, especially in the redzone, and the kid has hops. Take a look at the other basketball to football possibilities has come up with.

Who will end up with the dubious honor of signing Mark Sanchez? Jeff Fisher says he's interested. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA takes a look at the best fits for Teddy Bridgewater. I believe that one of the best fits for him is in Minnesota, where a really young offense under Norv Turner could take off and become one of the NFLs best with Teddy at the helm.

Paul Kuharsky asked for Titans mailbag questions, so I gave him one. His answer was that our greatest need is pass rusher, either from the end spot or OLB spot, and that our second greatest need after CJ is gone is running back. So my solution to that problem is taking Mack/Hageman/Barr in the first, and then get Carlos Hyde in the 2nd.

Who is the greatest QB of all time? Vote now at Steve McNair is on the bracket, and if you don't vote for him, well, I'll leave that to someone else to judge.

Quote of the Day: "No man can discover his own talents." -Brendan Francis