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A possible offensive wrinkle for the Tennessee Titans

What new wrinkle could the Titans already have in the works?

One question that has been nagging me since the beginning of free agency is: why make Dexter McCluster a priority signing? To me McCluster isn't a great slot receiver, nor is he a great running back but the more I thought about it the more I liked it. Here is what I think Whisenhunt might be thinking.

The way a great offensive mind works is that he tries to get the best talent on the field at all times, and he finds the way to create mismatches so that those talents can thrive. So with the Titans, that means finding a way to get Justin Hunter, Kendall Wright, Delanie Walker, and Nate Washington out on the field at the same time. However, that is a pretty simple group to cover in terms of personnel.

What if the Titans add Dexter McCluster to that mix and run the hurry up offense. Even if the Titans go empty set, as long as Jake Locker is in there will be one running threat in the backfield. If the Titans really wanted to freeze linebackers they could move McCluster in from his wide receiver position and move him to running back. Then teams who had gone light to stop the pass would have to deal with a downhill rushing attack by an underrated run-blocking Titans offensive line plus Delanie Walker.

It isn't quite like having Darren Sproles on the team, but it may have the comparable effect in terms of freezing linebackers and opening up bigger windows for wide receivers and tight ends.