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Another possible reason for the Tennessee Titans lull in free agency

Another possibility why the Titans haven't made any big free agent moves.

Last year was a strange year for Titans fans. Not only did the Tennessee Titans hit free agency hard, they also hit both sides of the ball. Key defensive and offensive signings were made that changed the complexion of a disappointing team. However, due to injuries and coaching issues the 2013 team was not nearly as good as it should have been.

However, the big free agency push might have been the wrong way to go about it. Right now there are still plenty of free agents that could make an impact just sitting on the market and there is really no rush to sign them. There will be another small pre-draft rush so that teams can patch up holes on rosters, but other than that the Titans can take their time. So what if the Titans are waiting to truly take the BPA in the upcoming draft?

In the past fans have talked about taking BPA in the draft and how that strategy makes a lot of sense. However, recently big needs at guard and quarterback have forced the Titans into picking people in round one whose value may not be the best available (although Chance Warmack was touted as the highest graded guard of the decade so less so for him).

With the Titans likely out of the running for Jake Matthews and Greg Robinson, the Titans did preemptively patch the whole at right tackle with Michael Oher. However, other than that the Titans really haven't pigeonholed themselves into picking any one position. Maybe the Titans are just truly planning on building through the draft and supplementing that with free agency.