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Between The Posts: Rising Stock?

Your nightly OT open thread!

Former Texans QB Matt Schuab was traded to the Oakland Raiders the other day for a late round pick...that has to mean CJ is worth SOMETHING, right? Aside from this, Michael Vick was signed by the Jets, who also jettisoned their once-upon-a-time savior at the position in Mark Sanchez.

The next big domino to fall may be DeSean Jackson, but I'm not so confident much at all gets done with him.

Not much to say in Titans' land this Saturday, but there is definitely going to be a large roster overhaul, perhaps more thorough than expected, in Tennessee. Hopefully that change, guided in the right direction by some quality coaches, will be enough to change the Titans' fortunes going forward.

In my view, the roster was fairly solid in most areas last season, but injuries and some terrible coaching cost them any chance at the postseason. With a lot of young talent getting another year of experience, things should be looking up. I expect a few more pieces to be added before the draft rolls around, but at this point the FO has been anything but predictable.