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Tennessee Titans biggest needs after free agency

Which glaring needs to the Titans still have?

While the Tennessee Titans did manage to address some needs in free agency (they probably hit KR/PR harder than anyone in the history of football) they still have some big issues. A free agency period where Titans fans were promised a bang, they only got a fizzle and many of the holes they had a month ago, they still have today. These are the biggest need areas for the Titans.

1. Pass Rusher

Currently the Titans have Akeem Ayers and Kamerion Wimbley as their starting pass rushers, and while I have said before that both should be better in this system it still takes a premier pass rusher to be an elite defense. The Titans missed their opportunity to pursue quality veterans like Demarcus Ware and Lamarr Woodley, and that could hurt them in the long run. If Khalil Mack falls to the Titans at 11, it would be hard to imagine any player being a better value.

2. Strong Side Inside Linebacker (SILB)

The Titans are currently staring down the barrel of a two way battle for the SILB job between Colin McCarthy and Moise Fokou. While both have their pros and cons, neither are going to be the guy that takes over that starting job for the next four years. The Titans don't need their SILB to be their leader given that WILB Wesley Woodyard has plenty of experience in that category, they need someone who can make big plays and who can stay healthy.

3. Quarterback

This is an issue not only for next year, but for the future. Jake Locker was an average quarterback last year who often provided the spark that the Titans needed to move the ball down the field. His ability in that regard will not be easy to replace if/when the Titans don't pick up his massive option in 2015. If a quarterback like Teddy Bridgewater fell to 11 the Titans would be fools to pass up on him, especially since he is the perfect QB to run Ken Whisenhunt's offense.