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MCM Create A Caption!

Your weekend caption contest continues!

Jamie Squire
Last weekend we had the Brady-Rice caption, which brought on some funnies, but this is a new weekend, and thus, a new caption is on the docket.

This week we have a photo of Green Bay Packers Quarterback, Aaron Rodgers, taking in the Oklahoma, Kansas game. While he isn't sporting the god-awful mustache he's been known to wear, there is something odd about the way he appears in this picture. Whether it's his attempt to blend into the crowd Assassin's Creed style (which he is failing at FWIW), or just lost in thought, we may never guess...but we can try.

Last week "WelshTitan" defended his title with a second straight week with the most rec'd caption. I am looking for someone to topple my fellow Brit from the standings this weekend, so don't let me down.

Remember, ladies and gents, keep it clean, and bring your A-game. As always, GIF's are welcome. Without further adieu, onto the captioning!