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What the Tennessee Titans should do at wide receiver in 2014

My plan for who should start and how.

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

I believe the strength of the Tennessee Titans in 2014 will be the tight ends and running game. However, the Titans have a lot of talent at the wide receiver position if they can manage it correctly. Here is what I would do with the Titans wide receiving group.

#1 WR- Nate Washington and Justin Hunter

The Titans have two very good options as their star receiver, but neither has the whole package. For all of Washington's toughness and ability, he just doesn't have the size or athletic ability (any more) to be that guy. Hunter on the other hand has all of the athletic ability in the world and shows flashes of brilliance with the ball in his hands, but poor QB play and a lack of experience may lead to Washington being the better option.

So the best solution in my mind, is to have Hunter and Washington split time at WR (situational not by drives) and eventually move Hunter to that spot full time. Then Washington can split time across all the other receiver positions and give other guys respites.

#2 WR- Kendall Wright

Some will complain that shifting Wright from slot receiver to #2 is a bad decision, but I disagree. I think leaving Wright in the slot has limited him and the best way to let him thrive is to get him the ball in open space. Obviously if you are outside of the defense you will have plenty of space, whether that means on a curl, screen, post, go, or whatever route you have. Inside there isn't as much flexibility and by the nature of where the position is in terms of linebacker proximity limits the amount of free space you have.

Slot WR- Andre Roberts (FA from AZ)

I wrote about this earlier, but I think the market for Roberts will be small and Ken Whisenhunt has to have more interest than any other coach based on the fact that they have been very successful together. If Wright shifts to #2 (in an offense not pinned down by Ryan Fitzpatrick) I believe he can thrive much like a Steve Smith (unpopular opinion I know) and if that happens the Titans will need a capable slot man.

Roberts racked up over 750 yards and five touchdowns with Whisenhunt calling the plays for him, and it would be great if he came to Tennessee on a two year/$5 million deal and did the same thing.

Other notes:

-Damian Williams (if retained) could be the long-term back-up for the #2 spot.

-Michael Preston could be a red zone target switch out for Roberts.