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2014 NFL Free Agency: Sleepers for the Tennessee Titans

Which under the radar targets could make a huge impact for the Titans?

Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

The Tennessee Titans are going to be active in free agency again per Tommie Smith's quotes earlier this year. However, the Titans don't quite have the cap room to make as many splashes as they did last year. Sure, they may be able to squeeze in a Brian Orakpo or Alterraun Verner, but after that they will have to be more conservative in their spending. These free agents are that mix of risk and value that could make them a smart pickup for the Titans.

Jermichael Finley TE, Green Bay

The Titans don't "need" another tight end at the moment, but if they cut Craig Stevens (a move that would add $4 million to their cap room) then adding another tight end would be wise. Finley could be the true, vertical tight end leaving Delanie Walker as the moveable #2 TE that he was in San Francisco. The difference between then and now, is that Ken Whisenhunt's system is built for utalizing the tight end (over 1,500 snaps for three combined tight ends last year).

Finley's injury concerns will scare most teams away, but if he clears then the Titans should jump on him.

Paul Soliai NT, Miami

Soliai is a stud nose tackle that is being miscast as a 1-technique in Miami. If Miami is looking to make moves (which it sounds like they are) they may let Soliai slip through the cracks. He just hit the 30-year mark, and likely won't be looking at huge money in free agency, but if the Titans can grab him with a competitive offer they would have the anchor their new 3-4 defense needs.

Daryl Smith ILB, Baltimore

Ok, so Smith was terrible against the run last year, but as a cover guy he was very impressive. If the Titans grab a premier ILB like Brandon Spikes or Karlos Dansby, Smith would be the perfect compliment. Smith's less than impressive run defense will prompt other teams to put him on the back burner, but with the Indianapolis Colts and Houston Texans in the Titans division, linebackers that can cover are a premium.