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Tennessee Titans should wait on signing linebacker D'Qwell Jackson

Despite being a good fit for the Titans defense, now isn't the time to sign D'Qwell Jackson.

Thomas B. Shea

The big news this week on the Tennessee Titans front was that Cleveland Browns linebacker D'Qwell Jackson was released. The connection between former Cleveland Browns defensive coordinator Ray Horton and Jackson make him a prime candidate to join the Titans who are already shaky at the ILB position(s).

Not only are the connections there for D'Qwell Jackson, but Jackson made Tennessee his first visit in his free agent tour. The 30 year old veteran ILB, is rumored to have around five potential suitors including the Denver Broncos, and he will likely see all five before making his decision unless a team makes him an offer so substantial that he makes a deal before the start of free agency.

While i actually think Jackson would be a great fit in the Titans locker room and on the field, I think that signing him now is the wrong move because it really limits how much you can pursue an ILB in free agency. For example if the Titans sign Jackson now, they will move the need for another ILB to the back-burner. That essentially guarantees that the Titans won't be landing the two premier ILBs of this group: Karlos Dansby and Brandon Spikes.

Both of those two are great fits for what the Titans want to do, and would help Tennessee in different ways. Spikes is a no-nonsense, tone-setting, bully in the middle of a defense. Spikes and Pollard would be a lethal combination to opposing running backs, and it would give Ray Horton the ability to spread out the defense a little more.

Dansby is a player who just seems to be getting better and better with age. Horton is familiar with how to use Dansby, and he would make him a constant force in the backfield. Whether penetrating as a pass rusher or flipping his hips and dropping into coverage, Dansby would make it much tougher on quarterbacks.

Honestly I think that Jackson would be a solid singing for the Titans, but is he a game changer like either of the other two linebackers? No. So why limit your potential growth by signing someone at above market price without even trying to get a big fish?