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Between The Posts: Changes Aplenty

Your nightly OT open thread!

The Titans got down to business today, re-signing both DT Antonio Johnson, and WR Marc Mariani. Both add to already crowded position groups on the roster, and neither are locks to be on it when game 1 rolls around, but I like both moves. Johnson was great value for money last season, and Mariani was a capable returner before injury. There was also a lot of plaudits coming his way as an offensive player before the latest setback, so he rightfully has one last chance to show his stuff.

The Titans also parted ways with long-time Kicker, Rob Bironas.

Not much else to report today in Titans land. Right now we are counting down the days to the draft and keeping an eye on Pro Days. Despite what some analysts said today after Blake Bortles Pro Day, there is no way he is the top quarterback in the draft. Game-tape tells you that, not a controlled workout on a sunny afternoon.

The rest of the thread is up to you fine ladies and gents.