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MCM Radio: Talkin 3-4 D and B-B-B-B-B-Bye Brionas Edition

Live tonight at 9:00 CDT!

Don McPeak-USA TODAY Sports

MCM Radio is back to its regular 9:00 CDT time tonight, and it's not a moment too soon. Just when we were starting to think the Titans were sliding back into hibernation, the news comes down today that Big Kick Rob, master of the Finger Gunz, has been released. There's been a lot of debate about Rob over the last two seasons, and Danomite has been one of his staunchest fans. We'll have plenty of other things to discuss, but I for one am very curious about how my co-host is gonna take the news...

Also, I'm hoping to have a section at the end of the show (maybe even going into bonus time), to take some questions about the 3-4 defense. I've discussed elements of what the difference is between the Titans' 4-3 and a couple of different 3-4 defenses work, but the recent roster moves have proven to me we're going 3-4 from jump.

So, tune in to hear my section on what you need to know about the 3-4 defense, and have your questions ready! I'm not holding myself out there as an expert on every single aspect of it, but I will contend that I've studied it and watched it enough to help explain some important concepts you won't get from Ian Eagle or Rich Gannon...

You can get the live stream here, along with the live chat and call-in. If you aren't able to call in with your questions, put them in the comment thread of this post, or in the live chat and I'll try to get to them. After the show, be sure to get the podcast version with the exclusive bonus time feed via iTunes or Stitcher!