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Chris Johnson trade rumors: Market reportedly "heating up"

Chris Johnson selflessly agreed to restructure his deal last week to facilitate a trade. What a hero!

Wesley Hitt

Mike Florio allegedly has a league source that says there is a trade market emerging for Chris Johnson.  If Ruston Webster can find a way to get compensation for MeJ he should be in the GM Hall of Fame.

The problem, as Florio pointed out, is that the Titans have to find a team that likes CJ, is willing to pay him a lot of money (although not $8 million) and CJ has to be willing to restructure his contract to go to said team.  That is a lot of moving parts.

Even with that being said, if suitors are emerging, that is a good thing.  I can't see the Titans getting anything better than a mid-to-late round pick for Johnson, but again, something is better than nothing.