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Between The Posts: Mum's The Word

Your nightly OT open thread!

Jason Bridge-USA TODAY Sports

Ruston Webster said on a radio show today that he is now more focused on the upcoming draft than Free Agency, and that his and Whiz's attendance at the Louisville Pro Day went beyond QB Teddy Bridgewater... It is fair to wonder how much say new Head Coach, Ken Whisenhunt, had to say about the new acquisitions, and their long-term plans for the team. My gut feeling, as well as a 5 year pact with the team, suggests to me that he has plenty of sway in that department, for better or worst.

The team was quiet today, and it is unlikely that they get busy again in Free Agency's second wave. Adding a run-stopping linebacker like Akeem Jordan would be a great move at this point though.

The draft is still a way's off, which is a shame, but as of right now the jury is out on where the Titans will go with that 11th overall pick.

In other news, Jim Irsay went into rehab week gets better still. The rest of the thread is open as always, fine MCM folk.