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2014 NFL Free Agency: Three moves I expect to happen this week for the Tennessee Titans

Three moves that I think the Tennessee Titans will make this week.

Leon Halip

The Tennessee Titans have been slow in free agency, and there is no way of knowing what they are thinking after they defied logic with their early moves. However, if I had to take a guess these are the three moves that I think make the most sense for Tennessee this week.

1. Add yet another NT/DT

Currently the Titans have a lot of youth on the defensive line, but no one that really stands out as an impact player in the middle (aside from Casey obviously). With a lot of free agent nose tackles being ignored, Tennessee should have the chance to snatch up a player like Pat Sims or Kevin Williams for cheap. Both of those players veteran athletes that have the frame to play all over the hybrid 3-4.

2. Grab a WR or pass catching TE

The Titans will be without Damian Williams and Kenny Britt this year according to the current roster. With that sort of deficit and the lofty contract of Craig Stevens, it wouldn't be surprising for the Titans to bring in a veteran like Owen Daniels or Santonio Holmes (Whisenhunt connection).

3. The Titans will at least kick the tires on some outside pass rushers.

Whether the Titans look at James Harrison, Sean Phillips or Anthony Spencer, there will be some movement this week. After being linked to Phillips, Harrison and Lamarr Woodley early in free agency, the market has settled enough for Tennessee to get value at that position.