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Between The Posts: Where To Next

Your nightly OT open thread!

Frederick Breedon

Not much going on in Titans' land this Saturday. Around the league the Packers got a deal done with Julius Peppers, who was the remaining "big money" DE on the market not named Jared Allen.

The Titans still lack a dynamic edge rusher themselves, but it remains to be seen whether Tennessee will address this in Free Agency (less likely by the minute) or the draft...or you know, not at all (as the team has been known to do in the past.)

So far this new staff has surprised us with their decisions on new personnel, so I won't even presume to know their thoughts heading into the draft later on this year.

In non-football news, the case of the missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 gets cloudier by the minute, in case you hadn't already heard.

Beyond this, the thread is yours ladies and gents, as always. Take it where you will.