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Can the Tennessee Titans trade Chris Johnson?

Who would take CJ?

The Tennessee Titans are reportedly trying to trade Chris Johnson. While this isn't news, it is surprising that there are (conflicting) reports that say CJ might take a pay cut to be traded. If he does actually take a pay cut, then some of the playoff teams in the league may take a flier on him as a backup/counter running back. These three teams are the teams I believe would be the best fits for CJ.

San Francisco 49ers:

The 49ers have tons of picks, and after trading for Blaine Gabbert and Jonathan Martin, literally anything seems possible. CJ is a durable back who would have space thanks to the 49ers OL. Also, he would be a great change of pace back behind Frank Gore if Marcus Lattimore isn't ready/doesn't develop.

Seattle Seahawks:

While the Seahawks don't have the picks, CJ on a reduced salary makes a lot of sense. With Russell Wilson and Percy Harvin stretching the field, CJ could have a lot of room to move. In Seattle, he could be the flash that goes with the Marshawn Lynch hammer.

Kansas City Chiefs:

The Chiefs had a very good offensive line, and though they lost some good pieces, Andy Reid should be able to address that in the draft. On a team without many needs, the Chiefs could make a competitive bid for Chris Johnson and again, as a number two back behind Jamaal Charles he could be a quality player.