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2014 NFL Free Agency: Five free agents the Tennessee Titans should talk to

What talent is still on the market for the Titans?

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Despite the early rush on free agents, there is a deep pool of talent still available. These five players would all make great Titans if Tennessee makes a push in wave two of free agency.

1. Jermichael Finley, TE

The Titans don't need a tight end, but having a vertical TE to compliment a moveable FB/TE like Delanie Walker (who is a very good blocker). This would give the Titans a two TE set to create mismatches when teams go small to counter Dexter McCluster/Kendall Wright packages.

2. Alex Mack, C

This is an absolute long-shot, however if the Titans clear cap room by cutting/trading Chris Johnson then they could make this move. Mack is the best center in the NFL and he is in his prime. An interior with Chance Warmack, Andy Levitre, and Mack would be devastating.

3. Pat Sims DT/NT

Sims is 6'2, 310 lbs. and is one of the sleepers in this free agent class. He has already met with the Titans, and adding his ability to push the pocket would be a great asset for Tennessee.

4. Shaun Phillips, DE/OLB

Phillips is a very productive pass rusher that has always flown under the radar. With 79.5 career sacks, he could be a very good stopgap that would help the Titans take BPA in the draft rather than desperately needing an edge player.

5. Jared Allen, DE

The reason Allen is so low on my list, is despite being durable and still effective, he isn't a great fit for the new Titans defense. Now, the 3-4 hybrid that Ray Horton runs does have quite a few 4-3 looks in it, but Allen's price might be too high to be a rotational DE. Still, on the downs he was in he would be very effective.

Bonus: Vince Wilfork, NT

Wilfork hasn't been released yet, but I have been saying since December that Wilfork could be cut and if he was that the Titans should take a look. He and Casey could rotate on pure 3-4 downs, and in 4-3 looks they would both be on the field. Lethal.