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2014 NFL Free Agency: Tennessee Titans Week 1 review

Tennessee falls short of expectations in week one.

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Super Bowls are not won in free agency. All fans know the pitfalls of grabbing the big-name free agent and signing them to a long, lofty contract. It almost never works out and it is a determent to the team's future cap issues.

Having said that, Tennessee Titans fans were expecting a bigger show from the new CEO/Owner Tommy Smith after he promised to "shake up the status quo". Currently, the Titans have made three decent moves and one potential mistake (Michael Oher). The implications of these moves could be farther reaching than fans initially understand.

1. Dexter McCluster is a very good mismatch, and Ken Whisenhunt clearly wants him to play the "Danny Woodhead" role in the offense. However, with McCluster, Leon Washington, Shonn Greene, and Jackie Battle the Titans may not have room on the roster for another "RB". I know Washington, Battle, and McCluster are primarily special teams guys, but will this take the priority off of taking a running back in the middle rounds of the draft?

2. Wesley Woodyard is a good signing considering the leadership he brings and his great ability to cover, however with Brandon Spikes gone the Titans will need to look elsewhere for another thumping ILB. With Colin McCarthy, Moise Fokou and Zaviar Gooden all on the roster, will the Titans drop this need as well?

3. Finally, Michael Oher is getting starter money, so it will be a shock if he doesn't start on the right side of the line. His track record is mediocre (at best) so far in his career, but he has good coaching and Whisenhunt is a smart enough OC/HC where I have to trust him on this until I see otherwise. At any rate, unless Jake Matthews falls to the Titans in round one, then I think the Titans will wait until day three to draft and OT.