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MCM Radio: NFL and Titans Free Agency 2014 Blowout Edition

Live to night at 9:00 CDT, we're talking every aspect of the 2014 Free Agency period so far!

Justin Edmonds

The Titans have been both winners and losers in free agency so far... so much so that we're taking to the airwaves at a special night and time to cover every aspect of it! We're going live tonight at 9:00 CDT tonight talking Verner's departure, Stewart's failed physical, the latest rumors coming out of STSP and just what our signings so far mean for the 2014 Titans.

This is the kind of show Danomite and I could fill out easily, but we're adding in one more element: your calls! We'll have the lines open starting at around 9:15, so be there and be ready to call in with your take! All we ask is that you keep it clean-ish and have some energy to share!

You can get the show - including the audio, live chat and call-in number, live by clicking here, or you can get the podcast later via iTunes and Stitcher.