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Between the Posts: Barely-Organized Chaos

Your nightly OT open thread!

Ronald Martinez

Lots of crazy news in the NFL today, with none of it involving the Titans, for good or bad. There have been rumors regarding Tennessee's interest in former Steeler Al Wood, but nothing has materialized as of yet on that front despite premature rumors. The team has scheduled visits with a few others though, including (10+ sack) former Cowboy DT Jason Hatcher.

Darelle Revis will hit his third home in three years after being released by the Buccaneers today. No team has emerged as of yet for his signature, though the Patriots should be considered the front runners at this point.

Golden Tate signed a (kind of) bloated deal with the Detroit Lions over five years. Demarcus Ware was signed by the Denver Broncos to a huge contract as well...their Front Office is either filled with magicians or satan-worshippers.

WR Steve Smith, the good one, announced his leave from the Carolina Panthers organization, though no word on where he will land as of yet.

In other news, I've never seen a guy who's been paid as much as he has over the course of his career by this uptight about a new deal. As my buddy would say, "Take that cold pole out of your bosom!"