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2014 Titans Free Agency: Dexter McCluster Player Profile

A quick look at the newest Tennessee Titan.

Rob Carr

Dexter McCluster, formerly of the Kansas City Chiefs, signed a 3 year deal with Tennessee in the opening moments of the 2014 Free Agency period. But how much do we know about the versatile returner/receiver?


McCluster shined when given the opportunity to play the shifty slot role out wide on offense. He caught 53 passes for over 500 yards last season, and can be used as an additional weapon top focus on moving the sticks, especially on 3rd down. With Whisenhunt's offense focused more on the quick-rhythm, timing routes, McCluster should fit right in. Between him and Kendall Wright, you have two quick-hitters with YAC ability. With this Titans offense likely to highlight these skills, Dexter should see more time on the field than he did in Kansas City.


While he didn't do much of it last year, Dexter McCluster has flashed a keen ability to play out the backfield, both as a runner and as a pass catcher. His lateral quickness and open field vision should let him cause some headaches from that spot in Tennessee. While he is certainly no world-beater as a running back, with Whisenhunt playing mix-and-match with his players in the past, I would not be surprised to see McCluster line up in the backfield situationally. Giving the defense one extra thing to think about is often everything in today's NFL.


McCluster was a pro-bowl returner last season, with an 11.8 yard average to his credit as well as two sensational scores. While the Titans did re-sign Leon Washington, as we learned last year, it never hurts to have a few capable guys back there to field punts and kicks.

I wrote up a look into what Whisenhunt's offenses generally look like earlier in the year for some quick reference. Personally, I think "Dex" will fit in nicely.