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Tennessee Titans News Links: Why Not?

Your daily serving of Titans linkage!

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Ok, most likely unpopular opinion time for robgreenlaw, but it is what it is. A world without Verner sucks. I hate it and I miss him already. I hate that we pushed him out the door the past four years in trying to bench him, but what's done is done. The NFL is a business and Verner did what was best for him. No blaming him. It's also a business about getting better. We could do that by trading for the CB Tampa signed Verner to replace. Darrelle Revis. If they don't trade him they are going to cut him so likely he won't be all that expensive pick wise to trade for. So we send our 4th for Revis.

Those who want to keep draft picks, sorry, I'd rather get a player who is a known quality and one of the best at his positions ever than an unknown. Revis would dramatically change our defense, leave him on his island allows us to get even more aggressive with our blitzing, allowing Michael Griffin to be in the opponents backfield more often as well. Oh he costs too much you say? We'll have around 24 million to work with after cutting CJ, Wimbley, and Stewart. And that doesn't account for the subsequent years when the cap will continue to balloon because of TV contracts with the NFL. Revis instantly becomes one of the faces of the franchise and he can go up on one of those giant banners up at LP Field, which Paul Kuharsky wanted so badly. He gives them someone marketable. He also helps the team in the long and short term. In a division that features Andrew Luck and could contain QBs like Teddy Bridgewater, an elite secondary would make a world of difference, plus make the pass rushers job a heck of a lot easier. Not to mention we still are in the AFC to my knowledge which contains PeyPey and Brady.

Should Revis get released today, we should still make a huge run at him and give him a contract that would keep him in Nashville for probably the rest of his career. He's a difference maker, and much like Manning when he became a free agent we should go after him. These chances do not come around very often and the Titans should jump on this opportunity.

Alright, I'm off my soapbox for now.

Jim Wyatt says the Titans are reshaping the offense with the signing of McCluster. I, personally am pretty excited about Dex, and while I say that, I wish he would cut down on his fumbling, but that can be fixed thankfully. What he has though, is not coachable, and that is quicks. Dude can fly. Adding him to a collection of receivers including Justin Hunter, Kendall Wright, Nate Washington and Delanie Walker is unreal and gives us legitimately one of the best groups in the league. It also means lots and lots of YAC. Sidenote: STAY AWAY FROM ANTONIO SMITH AND WOODYARD

Verner gets a new start in Tampa. Excuse me while I cry.

The market isn't really flooded with pass rushers any more, so if we get a guy like Woodley for cheap, I'll be fine with that, and then go to the draft. Ware is probably going to the Broncos for more silly money, so I will skip him.

GIF of Revis' Fluidity via @Cianaf