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Between The Posts: Welcome to 2014

Your nightly OT open thread!

Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

Free agency, and consequently the 2014 NFL calendar year, kicked off today with a bang. There were lots of players criss-crossing the country to new homes, and even more dollars. The Titans got themselves into more action than expected, re-signing return man Leon Washington, and landing shifty WR/RB hybrid Dexter McCluster to a three year deal. It will be refreshing to see the added dimension McCluster gives the Titans' offense, whether he is operating out wide or as a receiving back, and even on punt return, he can be a dangerous weapon for Ken Whisenhunt and co to employ.

With the market now fair game we will be seeing a lot of action of the next few weeks as players find new teams and the first big wave of cuts are made accordingly.

Who the Titans should go after next is up in the air. The new staff took most by surprise with the McCluster signing, so all bets are off. I would like to see the team go after a pass rusher and/or a linebacker to shore up some remaining needs before moving on to the draft. I suppose we'll all know soon enough.