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Tennessee Titans News Links: Flowers For Alterraun

Your daily serving of Titans linkage!

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For those who have not read "Flowers for Algernon" it is a book about a mouse and a man who are given a drug to make them smarter, their intelligence increases, rapidly, then peaks, then declines, and then like all earthly beings, dies. This really has nothing to do with Alterraun Verner, besides the fact that their names sound similar (Algernon the mouse). When Algernon passes, Charlie (the man) requests flowers be put on Algernon's grave every day. While every day for a mouse might be quite excessive, the notion is nice, as the mouse became Charlie's only friend in the world, and when Algernon departed, so did a part of Charlie.

The same can be said if Alterraun Verner leaves the Titans, a small part of me and my Titans fan hood will have died. I have tried to come to terms with this for quite sometime, as football careers in general are fleeting, as NFL notoriously stands for Not For Long. He was never the fastest or the biggest, but Verner has always been one of the smartest. Since his days at UCLA, majoring in math, he seemed to get timely play after timely play. That continued in the NFL, as he has become a cornerstone of this defense despite the constant attempted benchings by prior coaching staffs.

I know I'm not alone when I say he'll be missed should he leave, and I hope that we remember him for the good times, and not for whatever team he chooses next. Because he deserves it, he deserves to make the most money he can, and get the best opportunity he can, while he can. Do I wish that was here? Absolutely, but I don't get to make decisions like that, I'm just a college student fumbling around at a keyboard. So I'll miss you Verner (should you choose someone else), I'll root for you like crazy, and I hope one day you get a ring. You've been nothing but class since day one with the Titans, and we all have to respect that. Aufiderzein ATV, you are one of a kind.

Now I will very unseamlessly transition into the links.

Titans Online takes a look all the free agents out there by position.

Paul Kuharsky takes a look at potential Titans' target OLB Mike Neal. He played with the Packers the last few years, but the thing that concerns me the most about him is his injury history. That's no bueno.

One way for the Titans to get back their 3rd rounder is to trade back in the first round a couple spots. Obviously that would be a draft day decision, but it is an interesting scenario as we draw closer.

Quote of the Day: "That's the thing about human life--there is no control group, no way to ever know how any of us would have turned out if any variables had been changed." -Flowers for Algernon