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Between the Posts: Cash Stacks

Your Nightly OT Open Thread!

Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

The NFL Salary Cap officially jumped 10 million this upcoming season to $133 million total. That is a big relief to some cash strapped teams around the league, and even to those without restrictions but still in limbo to sign their best free agents, like the Titans.

At this point, Donald Butler, Greg Hardy, Jimmy Graham, and Jeremy Maclin are off the board after either signing new deals or being hit with the franchise tag. I am glad for the most part. I feel like Hardy has a way to go before I would be on board with dropping the mother-lode for him.

The Fins continue to be dramatic in their very essence. Now they are denying they ever intended or reported openly to trading Wallace or last season's first round pick Dion Jordan. At this point, I am not surprised by anything that comes out of Miami.

Beyond that, you may take the thread where you will, fine MCMers.