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The best pass rushers available haven't hit the market, but can be had.

Two big name pass rushers are rumored to be on the outskirts of their teams.

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In the past week or so news has come out that two premier 3-4 edge rushers might be available. One is being shopped for a trade, and the other might end up on the street as a pass rusher. The Titans new 3-4 could use two new pass rushers, and they should seriously consider making a move on either of these players.

1. Dion Jordan DE/OLB, Miami

Jason La Canfora (who is a great follow) tweeted a series of tweets out yesterday, eventually ending in this:

Dion Jordan was a stud in college whose primary trait was his athletic ability. Jordan honestly lined up everywhere from cornerback to defensive tackle and just made plays. The Dolphins couldn't use him correctly and now they are shopping him. The Titans should go all in on him. This is what I propose:

-The Titans trade the 11th overall pick

-The Titans receive Dion Jordan and the Miami Dolphins third round pick (81st overall)

This works because Khalil Mack, Jadeveon Clowney, Teddy Bridgewater, Jake Matthews, Greg Robinson, and Sammy Watkins are all likely to be gone at this point. While Anthony Barr is a good candidate for the Titans first round pick, many would say that Dion Jordan was a better pass rusher than Barr at the college level. In fact, the Dolphins actually had to trade up to get him last year.

If you believe that Jordan is a better pass rusher than Barr, or even he is even on the same level then you have to make this deal. Not only do you get a better/equal pass rusher that fits the Titans new 3-4 scheme perfectly, but you add a third round pick. If the Dolphins would accept this deal it is an absolute no-brainier for the Titans side.

2. Demarcus Ware DE/OLB, Dallas

If you haven't seen the tweet that really pushed this story into overdrive here it is:

<blockquote class="twitter-tweet" lang="en"><p>Report: <a href=";src=hash">#Cowboys</a> de marcus Ware refuses to take pay cut and will be released by dallas. Actually smart decision by Cowboys</p>&mdash; Howard Eskin (@howardeskin) <a href="">February 26, 2014</a></blockquote>
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If that is true, and Ware hits the open market he won't get Brian Orakpo type money, but he will likely be the second or third highest paid pass rusher. Ware is a great fit for the hybrid 3-4 defense that the Titans will run because he has played in both a 4-3 and a 3-4. Letting him lose and just telling him to get to the quarterback is exactly what the Titans could do, and with veterans like Ware, Bernard Pollard, Karlos Dansby, and/or others the Titans could have a very mature and talented defense for the first time in a while.