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Tennessee Titans free agency: Go after Andre Roberts

Why Roberts should be calling Whisenhunt as soon as possible.

Christian Petersen

NFL Free Agency starts in roughly 10 days, and while there are several needs the Tennessee Titans would like to fill, it is easy to forget that the Titans new coaching staff has plenty of old pieces hitting free agency this year that should not only be cheap, but very effective. One of those players is wide receiver Andre Roberts.

For the past year Titans fans clamored to see an offense based around Kendall Wright, an offense where he wasn't just running short, or intermediate routes, but some deep routes too. I think under Ken Whisenhunt's guidance, Wright can become a very good #2 wide receiver that can make up for his lack of height with his aggression and speed. If he can do this, then the slot receiver job would be available.

Andre Roberts had his best year in the league when he was coached by Ken Whisenhunt in 2012 with 64 receptions for 759 yards and five touchdowns. That is a more than adequate performance, and considering he wasn't even a full starter in 2013 (thanks to Bruce Arians wanting bigger receivers) it is possible that the Titans could sign Roberts at or just slightly above league minimum.

With Kevin Walter, Kenny Britt, Marc Mariani and Damian Williams all scheduled to be free agents in 10 days, Tennessee's wide receiver depth could be substantially reduced. Worst case scenario the Titans add great depth at slot receiver just in case Kendall Wright goes down.