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Week In Review: Enjoy the Watkins

Your weekend linkage

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Rob Carr

This one is for Gramsey and Pratt, as they love mock drafts and now Jim Wyatt has joined the frenzy.

Some MSM reporters talk to Amie Wells about the Titans and their recent hiring of Ken Whisenhunt.

Titans officially signed Jackie Battle to a one year deal.

PK looks at D'Qwell Jackson visiting the Titans and maybe if they like another linebacker better.

Bleacher Report looks at some DL free agents the Titans could look at. A note on free agency is that we made all those moves last year with 19 million ish dollars. This year we could free up 25 million easily. Thats more than enough to make a big splash this year.

Jim Mora thinks Anthony Barr, could be a perennial All Pro. If we draft him, I hope so.

Here's an incredible read on Christian Jones. The Titans should want this guy in the draft. Getting him in the 4th or 5th would be a coup.

Weekly Sammy Watkins Highlights