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NFL Draft Profile: Jackson Jeffcoat

My thoughts on Texas DE Jackson Jeffcoat.

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

Last year everyone had Jackson Jeffcoat pegged as a first rounder until an injury forced him to miss the majority of the season. After a healthy season and a productive stretch of games to finish of the year, Jeffcoat is starting to create some buzz, and could be a good fit for the Tennessee Titans.


-At 6'5" 245, his frame and length is exactly what the Titans need at DE/OLB.

-Has at least one sack in 12 of his last 19 games.

-An experienced defensive end that has a variety of ways to release from blockers.

-Very good speed rusher that showed versatility his senior year.

-His dad was in the NFL, so he should have a good idea how to understand and navigate his way professionally through his career.

-Produced even without his longtime teammate Alex Okafor this season.


-Injury history will scare some teams off.

-Not a fit for every system through he has the frame to support the weight if he is brought in by a pure 4-3 team.

-Not a great asset against the run, and will have to be limited in that way early in his career.


-I don't see much difference between Jeffcoat and Dee Ford, though Ford will almost undoubtedly go higher. Both are speed rushers that aren't players you want on the field when a team is running the ball, and both will make a big impact in 3-4 systems where they aren't asked to do much. Don't let the Senior Bowl and National Championship confuse you, Dee Ford is far from a proven prospect, and he is largely a one-trick pony.

There is a chance that Jeffcoat will be available in the fourth round, and if the Titans can find a new right tackle, running back, and inside linebacker(s) in free agency and the early rounds then Jeffcoat could be wearing blue next year.