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Between the Posts: Snow Games

You're nightly OT open thread!

Richard Heathcote

The Sochi Winter Olympics kicked off the other night, and this weekend will provide many of us hard working folks the first real chance to sit down and watch some of the sports on offer. There has been a boatload of criticisms surrounding the games, mostly stemming from archaic social policies in the host nation. The United States took home the first gold medal on offer in the snowboarding department. The schedule for the events can be found here.

This article was interesting too. Just goes to show that government policy and horrible blood wars are no match for greasy burgers.

The last article I thought was more than worthy of a quick read was this one, about two men who have spent more than half their lives in prison, wrongly accused.

Also, as a Titans fan, if this doesn't make you mad (or make you laugh), I don't know what will.