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Between the Posts: The Business of Sports

Your nightly OT open thread!

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

All quiet on the western front tonight. Not a whole lot of news on hand in the wake of national signing day yesterday. There was apparently some basketball game on last night that upset some of the Tennessee folks around these parts...I have blanked it from memory already.

I did find this article interesting, regarding the future of the Olympics. I have to agree with a lot of it, the event has become a mammoth undertaking in and of itself.

For those of you who saw the crazy castaway article the other day, there are new developments in that story.

From working in the medical field, this also caught my eye. No need to get political on here with pro's and con's, because it can get ugly. But definitely something worth reading/looking into, especially in a game as physical as the NFL. These NFL athletes all seem to wind up coming to see us at the Pain Centers after they retire one way or another anyway.