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Mel Kiper 2014 NFL Mock Draft

Mel Kiper has released a new NFL mock draft. That is always good for some discussion.


Mel Kiper knows everything!  Actually, and I have to do this once a draft season, Kiper is a really smart guy.  Say what you want about him, but the man built a business for himself from nothing.  You have to respect that.

Now that we have that out of the way for another 365 days, Kiper may have one of the biggest platforms out there, but he really isn't any better that a lot of the lesser known guys at putting out mock drafts (but to be fair, no one can predict much of what goes on in the first round of an NFL draft).

So on to this mock- Kiper has the Titans taking Taylor Lewan, OT, Michigan in his latest mock (In$ider).  The OT position is going to be a popular pick for the Titans leading up to May.  Here is what Kiper had to say about the pick:

This is another pick I'm sticking with, as the Titans have some decisions to make at tackle both this offseason and next with current personnel, and Lewan could come in and provide immediate help, as well as a bridge to life after Michael Roos at left tackle. Lewan plays with a solid base and is particularly good as a run-blocker, but has the combination of power, length and good feet to handle both speed and power rushers. Going back to his junior season, he handled Jadeveon Clowney pretty well.
This pick makes sense, but at some point the Titans are going to have to spend an early pick on a defensive player. Taking a guy like C.J. Mosley here could be a good pick- especially with Anthony Barr and Khalil Mack being off the board. Just food for thought.