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Between the Posts: Never Enough

You're nightly OT Open Thread.

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

For tonight's open thread, I will again leave it mainly up to you guys. There has been some interesting stories in the news of late, including an interview out of Nashville that new OC Jason Michaels is more than happy in his role, that being one where he doesn't call the plays. I personally have no problem with Whisenhunt calling the plays, in fact, I was relieved when that information became available. This team wouldn't benefit with a 1st year play-caller at this point.

In case you were wondering, last Sunday's Superbowl did indeed break the record for the most watched event in US history with 111.5 million viewers. More interesting, there was a Las Vegas record of an incredible $119 million bet on this year's big game.

In other news, my beloved Chelsea slew the proverbial dragon in Manchester City....and the manager still dismisses his own 2013-2014 team...

And then there's this. Crazy.