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Between the Posts: And....It's Over

The 2013 NFL season came to a big finale last night.

Harry How

In case you didn't hear, the Seahawks won the Superbowl by some number of points. You guys will be bombarded with the media reports on that, so we'll quietly move on. Tonight's thread is mainly up to you guys to take it where you will.

The one point I will make today (aside from the awfulness of watching Bruno Mars perform a half-time show) is the sports world's fascination with choosing problematic venues for big events. This upcoming Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia has already be a drama-filled event, and it hasn't even started yet. And that is not even taking into consideration that the social views of the host nation are embarrassingly outdated, and that's being kind.

It also makes me wonder why they choose Rio De Janeiro for the next World Cup too; I can already see a huge amount of problems occurring even outside the huge delays in Stadium construction (and miserably failed deadlines). Maybe the countries who deserve to host a big event like that are the one's who already have the proper facilities in place, can provide safety and security for the fans, and don't threaten with overshadowing and conveniently-ignored dangers. What do you guys think?