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2014 NFL Draft: Worst case scenario for every other AFC South team

Which picks should Titans fans be hoping for in the draft?

Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

NFL free agency is right around the corner, but the centerpiece of the offseason is the NFL Draft. The Titans have the 11th pick and need a lot of things to fall into place if they are going to land Khalil Mack, Jake Matthews, Greg Robinson, or Sammy Watkins. However, while fans are chomping at the bit while they wait on the Titans to pick, these are the picks I think would be the worst for all the other AFC South teams.

Houston-Blake Bortles QB, UCF

The Texans absolutely need a quarterback. After pulling Matt Schaub (and destroying what confidence he had) Houston now has no real answer at quarterback. The best case scenario would either be for them to completely ignore need and go after Jadeveon Clowney or Sammy Watkins, or to draft Teddy Bridgewater who I think is the best quarterback in this class.

Blake Bortles has a history with new Texans HC Bill O'Brien, but I think both he and Manziel (who I will get to later) are fool's gold in this year's draft. Bortles looks and sounds the part, but his arm strength is a big question mark. Sure arm strength is an overrated trait, but with two deep threats like Nuk Hopkins and Andre Johnson on the team, it is important to be able to stretch the field.

Jacksonville Jaguars- Johnny Manziel QB, TAMU

Manziel was instant offense at the college level (for most games) but he has some major issues that should scare away teams. For example, if he is in the pocket for more than three seconds, it seems like his default is to start scrambling even if pressure isn't there. Considering that he did that when he had two (really three) of the best tackles in college football blocking for him over the last two years, it should make coaches and scouts concerned about what he will do in the NFL.

Also, there is game tape out there on how to stop him. LSU has given him fits in the past and a quick call to Les Miles would shed a ton of light on what they did to make him so uncomfortable.

I don't care about his off the field issues, or even the fact that he is much shorter (while not being terribly slight) than you want your average NFL quarterback. What I care about is can he make his reads, and can he sit comfortably in the pocket? I just don't think he can on a consistent basis.

Indianapolis Colts- Antonio "Tiny" Richardson OT, Tennessee

I think Tiny has the perfect frame for the NFL and his arm length and power could be exceptional but I worry about his technique. During Richardson's sophomore year, he was outstanding at using his length and bend to keep opponents at bay. However, during his junior year, he really let his technique slide and just didn't look like the same player. If the Titans upgrade their pass rush, they could expose the weak point's in his game and force the Colts to re-evaluate next season.