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Between the Posts: A Change of Plans?

Your nightly OT Open Thread!

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Lot's of talk today surrounding the recently released D. Jackson, from Cleveland. He has since scheduled a visit with the Tennessee Titans to possibly reunite with former DC Ray Horton. While he might not be the elite option on the market, he definitely would be a huge upgrade in Tennessee, and has proved in the past that he can be effective as a 4-3 MLB, basically what he would be asked to play in the Titans' multiple defensive scheme.

Not much other news today on the Titans front. Around the league there is going to be a lot of speculation in the coming weeks due to the cap increase and pending decisions on high-priced roster components, like Steve Smith in Carolina, Demarcus Ware in Dallas, etc. The Titans themselves might have had a change of plan with the increased cap flexibility, and things are looking more favorably that they will be able to keep the Free Agents they want. That said, we can only speculate at this stage.

As always, the thread is open and up to you ladies and gents to take where you will.