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2014 NFL Draft: Titans 7 Round Mock 2.0

Did things change from the first one after the Combine?

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

1.11 - Anthony Barr OLB UCLA

- GM Ruston Webster goes back to his Pac-12 roots and takes the best 3-4 linebacker available in Barr to assist Ray Horton in building up the 3-4 defense he is known for. Barr is a dynamic pass rusher specialist that has only played defense for 2 years after switching from running back. He is a very high upside potential type of player in the form of JPP but with a lot more college production. Interesting note: Webster has frequently dipped in the Pac-12 pool during his tenure with Akeem Ayers, Alterraun Verner, and Damian Williams battling for LA bragging rights, not to mention Brian Schwenke hailing from Cal. The Lou Spanos angle is worth a mention here too as he might know a little bit about Barr.

2.42 - Stanley Jean-Baptiste CB Nebraska

- In the event that Alterraun Verner is headed elsewhere via free agency, the Titans will need to fill a hole at corner. Jean-Baptiste would fit in nicely as a number two corner opposite Jason McCourty. The NFL is a copycat league and teams are looking to replicate Seattle's dominant secondary. SJB fits the profile of a typical Seattle corner at 6'3 210 and as we all know, Ruston Webster cut his teeth as a front office man in Seattle. He's been flying up the boards.

4.108 - Charles Sims RB West Virginia

- Sims is a bigger back (6'0 214) with plus hands. He showed off decent hands and route running skills during the Combine. Will the Titans habit of hitting on 4th round picks continue with Sims? With CJ's contract status up in the air at this point, Sims would take over the lead back role immediately upon CJ's release.

5 - Christian Jones ILB FSU

- Even if the Titans sign a veteran middle linebacker, some depth will be needed as the heir apparent, particularly so if Karlos Dansby signs (he's over 30 and slowing down a bit). Jones played everywhere on FSU's front seven but found a home as a hybrid DE/OLB role in the 3-4 after struggling a bit in the middle linebacker role. He does have experience in both 3-4 and 4-3 so that will help him. It seems like NFL teams always value the Seminoles a round later than where they are projected so Jones falls into the Titans laps. He was a captain and FSU legacy player. I see him as a Lawrence Timmons type who primarily played outside in college but developed into one of the better inside linebackers in the league today.

6 - Tajh Boyd QB Clemson

- Admittedly, Boyd has struggled with consistency during the offseason process but at this point, he is an intriguing option. He needs to be coached out of the dink and dunk Chad Morriss offense that Clemson runs but is very coachable. Boyd isn't a mobile QB by any means but has that ability if he needs to use it (4.84 40). He possesses a good arm and can make all the throws. His deep ball is good but needs some work with consistency and accuracy. Also working in his favor is that he is very experienced, being a starter for the past 4 years.

7 - L'Damian Washington WR Missouri

- Washington was a part of the 6'4 and above WR corps (seriously how do they get all these guys)? He's a big body deep threat (6'4 200) that could be an ideal 4th receiver regardless of what happens to Nate Washington and/or Damian Williams. Washington ran a 4.5 40 at the Combine. He was the "slot" (well as 6'4 guys go) receiver at Missouri. A WR corps of Hunter, Wright, Washington (Nate), and Washington would be an interesting and dynamic group.