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Between The Posts: Secondary Questions?

Your nightly OT Open Thread!

Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

The defensive skill players took to the field today, and all eyes were on the linebackers and corners for the most part. What did you guys think of the attendees today? Any standouts you would like to see in two-toned blue?

Personally I am in the hope that we don't have to draft another corner this year, whether ATV leaves or not. That said, Ruston has yet to burn us too badly on player evaluation, so no reason to question his judgment here.

Safety, Clinton-Dix and Corner Dennard turned some heads today with their 40 yard dashes and drill performances, among others. If the Titans did decide to go to work on the secondary, I would start by looking at those two guys.

In other news, Jackie Battle was oddly the first Titan FA to be addressed, with a new contract no less. Personally I look forward to seeing more of this:


As always, the thread is yours to take where you will.