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Tennessee Titans News Links: GOAT

Your daily serving of Titans' linkage!

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Clowney wants to become the greatest of all time. Let us all hope that doesn't happen if he becomes a Texan or Jaguar.

John Clayton says that the biggest thing for the Titans to compete in the division again is to have a consistent QB that develops whether it be Locker or whoever, because the division could have Luck, Manziel, and Bridgewater in it next year.

Sal says the Titans could become a more explosive offense next year under Whisenhunt.

The mailbag of PKs weekly twitter chat.

Whereas blitzes required the QB to make a certain throw in Dowell's offense, Whisenhunt's offense will bring the hot routes.

Paul Kuharsky says tweeners or guys who can play in multiple roles could be on the Titans radar as they go into this hybrid defense. Meaning players like Kony Ealy who played DE in college but could play OLB in the pros, or Khalil Mack, could be prime draft candidates for the Titans.

Indications on who could stay and who could go.

Jordan Matthews showed at the combine that he's got some speed to him. Andre Williams tested far better than I expected, showing a lot of explosion.

Fitz is liked by Webster and Whiz.

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