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Three cap cuts that could be great for the Tennessee Titans

Three players who have huge cap figures and could be cut.

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

While all eyes are on the NFL Scouting Combine, it is important to remember that free agency is only two weeks (and two days) away. Currently teams are meeting with agents, and in some cases they are trying to get a player to reduce his salary so that the team can make a move in free agency. These three players all are being paid way too much, and if they don't negotiate they could be gone, no matter how big the name.

1. LaMarr Woodley DE/OLB Pittsburgh

Woodley is scheduled to make nearly $14 million on a team that is already projected to be almost $9 million over the cap. That is simply too much money, and while Woodley hasn't been himself the past year he is still a premier 3-4 DE/OLB and could be a great veteran asset to a team like the Titans.

2. Vince Wilfork DT/NT, New England

The Patriots fans love to talk about how it is impossible to think that New England would cut Wilfork but that just isn't true. If that front office and coaching staff think that he is being paid too much, and that they would be even a hair better off without him they will cut him without thinking twice. If he hits the free market, Wilfork makes sense to a coach like Ray Horton who loves to mix up his schemes to attack where an opponent is weakest.

3. Zach Miller TE, Seattle

Miller is a good player and it makes sense for the Seahawks to pay him if they have the money, but if the Seahawks want to start moving cap around to make it possible to keep most of this group together then Miller can't get $5.8 million.