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NFL Scouting Combine: Sunday winners and losers

Who had a good day at the combine, and who might have done better sitting out.

Crystal LoGiudice-USA TODAY Sports


Dri Archer OW, Kent State

Archer will be the talk of the Combine after nearly breaking Chris Johnson's 40-time record. Archer has a lot of potential, and you can tell what a playmaker he can be from his film. Essentially if someone really likes De'Anthony Thomas in the second, they would love Archer in the fifth.

Martavis Bryant WR, Clemson

I wrote about this earlier, but Bryant looks big, fast, and athletic and he may be the player that has really risen above the rest of the pack.

Mike Evans WR, TAMU

Evans didn't break the 4.3 mark like he wanted (obviously) but he did look great all day, and he does such a great job catching the ball away from his body that it makes his huge frame even more important.

Brandin Cooks WR, Oregon State

All day Cooks looked mean. Running with aggression, violent out of his breaks, and most impressive was that his motor just never seemed to stop. Cooks is a good player, though I'm not sure he can be a #1, and some team that needs a slot/#2 receiver will get great value with him.


Cody Hoffman WR, BYU

Hoffman's greatest attribute is his size, but after looking sluggish and not athletic compared to the rest of the receivers, he will need to prove that he can be a big threat in the redzone.

Jarvis Landry WR, LSU

I really expected more from Landry. He is a great receiver and has very dependable hands, but running a 4.77 is a terrible look. For many the gap between LSU receivers Beckham and Landry was small, but that perception has obviously shifted.