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NFL Draft: Terrible news for potential Tennessee Titan first round pick.

Which offensive tackle may have seriously hurt his stock at the combine.

Chuck Cook-USA TODAY Sports

Forget the 40 times. Forget the weigh-ins. Forget the interviews. Forget the positional drills. What the Combine is all about is the medicals.

In the beginning of the league, teams had to send their doctors all of the country at an exorbitant cost to the teams themselves. Easy medical access to a huge array of players, this is why the Scouting Combine truly exists.

So when someone has a bad 40, or a bad weigh in, or anything like that it may hurt their stock, but they tape can over rule all of that. What the tape can't overrule is a bad medical, and Cyrus Kouandjio just received some terrible news.

With this news, it wouldn't be shocking for CK (a player already falling out of favor with scouts) to be a day three pick. Last year, Whisenhunt took a chance on an offensive tackle from Alabama and it turned out well for him, and there are a lot of similarities between Kouandjio and Fluker. If the Titans could grab him in round four, that might be worth the risk and could definitely be a big boost to Chance Warmack who played next to CK two years ago.