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MCM Create A Caption!

You're weekend Create A Caption contest continues!

Mitch Stringer-USA TODAY Sports

For this weekend, the featured image contains both Patriots QB, Tom Brady and Ravens Running Back, Ray Rice. With Rice recently sprung into the news due to an altercation with his fiancé at a casino, I figured this would be good for a chuckle or three. Equally, Tom Brady is always fair game for captions comps, for a multitude of reasons.

"WelshTitan" destroyed the competition last week with his Star Wars extrapolation, so congrats to him on that. I expect a little more competition from you guys this time around, off-season be damned! I am still waiting for someone to top 27 recs, so time to impress!

As with these competitions every week, only clean material, ladies and gents. Grumpy Grams will be watching after all, so stay classy. In addition, GIFs are welcome also. Some of you guys possess the comic timing with those things that I never will. Without further delay, onto the captioning...