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Poll Question: Are teams better with vocal leaders?

Do vocal leaders help an NFL team?

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

The Super Bowl has two very prominent vocal leaders, and they couldn't be more different. On one hand you have The Sheriff, Peyton Manning whose knowledge transcends the game. He is constantly seen yelling at his receivers and offensive linemen and coaching them on the sideline.

On the other hand you have Richard Sherman. Sherman is boisterous and cocky, but in a league where corners are just one ACL tear away from being relegated and forgotten (Revis) he is just trying to build his brand. His attitude and passion seemingly leads the whole defense to play better, and often he is seen swarmed by teammates.

Both couldn't be less similar in their personalities, but both are great vocal leaders. This begs the question, are teams better with vocal leaders? And if so do the Titans have that guy?

J.J. Watt was a vocal leader in Houston, but they ended up with the worst record in the league. Likewise, Andy Reid's Chiefs don't seemingly have a vocal leader, and they were on the fast track to win the Super Bowl this year.

So the question is, are teams better with vocal leaders and if so do the Titans have that guy? If so leave a comment below and declare who you think is/will be the vocal leader in 2014.