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Is Ken Whisenhunt committed to Ryan Fitzpatrick?

My impressions of the last Titans interview.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

After re-watching the last Titans press conference, I think there will be some bad news on the topic of quarterbacks.

While I personally don't agree with it, the way Ken Whisenhunt talks about the veteran quarterback makes it seem like Fitzpatrick is not likely to get cut, at least not yet.

However, if the Titans plan to keep both Fitzpatrick and Jake Locker (which they do) then that doesn't leave a lot of room for a new quarterback on the Titans roster. With Fitzpatrick being owed around $4 million, and Locker getting a similar number that would be a lot of resources invested in the quarterback position. So essentially, keeping Ryan Fitzpatrick will likely prohibit the Titans from drafting a quarterback highly in the 2014 NFL Draft.

That reaffirms the idea that the Titans are almost sure to land either Anthony Barr, Khalil Mack, C.J. Mosley, Jake Matthews, or Greg Robinson with the 11th overall pick.

Whether they go pass rusher or offensive tackle will be heavily contested right up until draft day, but like I said earlier having Fitzpatrick on the roster really hurts the chances of the Titans committing to any of the "big four" quarterbacks.