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Tennessee Titans Lost piece: Karl Klug

The Titans have an excellent young pass rusher that is being wasted.

Gregory Shamus

The Titans have an excellent interior pass rusher on the roster, and I am not talking about Jurrell Casey. Casey's classmate Karl Klug is explosive and his combination of violent hands and quickness off of the ball are being wasted as the Titans load up on big bodies to help stop the running game. Will that be the case with Ray Horton's Titans?

I believe that the Titans new look will be about generating pressure from wherever the opposing offenses are weakest, and there is a chance that Karl Klug could actually see more playing time. If the Titans implement a 3-4 on base downs with Mike Martin, Jurrell Casey and either Mookie Johnson/Sammie Lee HIll/Ropati Pitoitua as the final defensive lineman then Karl Klug should be well rested for pass rushing situations.

If the Titans can get the opposition in to third and long, then a Karl Klug/Jurrell Casey interior would be an enticing option.

However, it could go the other way meaning that the Titans play so much base 3-4 that they just shift that line over and bring down a 3-4 OLB on rush downs. Meaning, if the Titans draft Barr then the DL could turn into Martin, Casey, Hill, and Barr rather than subbing in an entire package.

Hopefully Horton can figure out a way to get Karl Klug on the field, because he is one of the Titans most overlooked and talented players and if he can ever get substantial game time he will make an impact.